Christmas break-up 2013

Break-up 2Break up 4Our end of year get-together was, once again, held at the Ben Bennett Botanical Park, on Sunday December 15th. It was great that ex-presidents Arnim and Alf were able to come and join us, and congratulations were extended to Alf and his new wife, who was made very welcome. As you can see by the photos we had a really leisurely ‘brunch’ enjoying the shade, catching up with everyone and eating all the fantastic food. We were joined, at a distance, by the resident Torresian crows who descended on the table as soon as we left, hoping for some easy pickings but flew away disgusted that we’d left them nothing!  After lunch some members went for a stroll through the park to the lagoon,  but it’s now only a big mud puddle, due to the long dry spell. The park is, however, recovering fairly well after the fire early in the year.

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